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About Us

About Us

Specialty Chemical & Oilfield Supply

PT Sean Solution Indonesia is a specialty chemical company and provider of various tools and equipment needed in the oil and gas industry, such as thread compound, thread locker, valve lubricant, grease, valves, hand tools, filters, safety tools and maintenance chemicals.

PT Sean Solution Indonesia will help you to solve problems, recommend and implement solutions. We bring our knowledge and experience to achieve your goals, make improvements and also environmentally friendly solutions to provide efficiency and added value.

10 Years of Experience

Our Vision

Vision & Mission

Vision Mission

Providing solutions and benefits for customers is our commitment while prioritizing product quality to create customer satisfaction. We continue to strive to create products that are innovative, solutive and environmentally friendly.

1. Produce competent human resources
2. Create specialized products that can provide added value to the development of the industry
3. Able to create products that can be accepted in the international arena
4. Maintain customer trust by continuing to provide the best service and quality assurance of the products produced.

Why Choose Us


We have extensive experience in the field of goods providers, especially in the oil and gas industry, this can help provide the best solution for customers.

Full Support

Customer satisfaction is our top priority, our dedicated technical team is ready to fully assist in solving problems in the field.

Team of Specialists

Our team consists of technical and sales specialists who have in-depth knowledge of the products we offer.

Competitive Price

Seans offers very competitive prices for a wide range of products and services while maintaining product quality.

Our Experience